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I can help you bringing your project to success using proven and innovative technologies.

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NoSQL - relational databases are great, mature and weather proven. Yet sometimes, the benefits of specialized non-SQL technologies offer major advantages:

  • Apache Hadoop as a massively distributed data store and analytics environment
  • JCR/Apache Jackrabbit for agile content and document management
  • Apache Lucene for flexibel and fast information retrieval

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pedialistic.com is a fast multi-language instant search over Wikipedia articles, showcasing

  • Apache Lucene
  • Apache Hadoop Map/Reduce

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I am a member of the Apache Software Foundation and currently the Project Management Committee chair for Apache Labs.
As time permits, I'm also working on Apache Vysper which is a XMPP/Jabber server including Multi-User Chat and Publish/Subscribe.
Chukwa is a reporting tools running on Apache Hadoop. It's currently in incubation at Apache Incubator and I try to help this process as a mentor.

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For the german Javamagazin, I'm writing a monthly column called Flinke Feder .

Current Activities


I'll be speaking about Apache Hadoop at Frankfurt JUG, date: 2010-11-24.

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