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From expo to expo

posted: 2008-06-06 09:10
filed under: ASF | community | openexpo | talk | Apache Hadoop

Open Source Expo at Karlsruhe was not exactly overcrowed, but both of my talks went fine and I was really enjoying them. Mostly, because people seemed to be interested and asked really good questions. Christian Geisert from Apache OfBiz fame has some photos online. My slides (in german) are up at my apache homepage.

Now, the unaffiliated Swiss Open Expo in late September seems to be more of an event. Many Apache people are presenting, including Henning Schmiedehausen, Bertrand Delacretaz, Lars Eilebrecht and Brian Fitzpatrick. I'll be able to do a talk about Apache Hadoop. If you are able to come to Winterthur, don't miss it. I lived there for a short time, it was beautifully relaxing. And Zurich is just around the corner.

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